Airport Cargo Warehouse Maintenance

We paint and install doors, work on elevated transport vehicles, and much more.

Airport Cargo Warehouse Maintenance

If you’re like most owners of warehouse space at LAX, then you probably save your maintenance and repairs for once a year. And for the other 51 weeks, your warehouse stays disorganized, in disrepair, and doesn’t serve you like it should. Instead of a continual state of disarray, Mergen Construction Airport Services has airport warehouse maintenance plans that keep your warehouse and equipment in tip top condition.

Our airport warehouse maintenance also includes equipment repair. Mergen Construction Airport Services is able to work on elevated transport vehicles, small appliances, and a wide range of other non-working equipment you may have stored. With our help, you’ll not only be able to use broken equipment once again – you’ll also have the organization and maintenance to make better use of your warehouse space.

Call Mergen Construction Airport Services at 323-481-0240 to discuss our airport warehouse maintenance program at LAX and whether it might be a fit for your needs.


Our airport maintenance services are available for restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses at LAX Airport.


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