Airport Restaurant Maintenance

Equipment de-greasing, plumbing repairs, and ensuring code compliance.

Airport Restaurant Maintenance

There's a lot going on with running a restaurant at LAX, and serving food is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to providing your customers with meals before their next departure, you also have the stress of general restaurant maintenance – a job made even more difficult by the constraints of operating in an airport. To ease your workload, Mergen Construction Airport Services has complete restaurant maintenance to get you back to what you do best – feeding your clients.

Our airport restaurant maintenance at LAX includes plumbing, HVAC, and equipment service and repair. From de-greasing your cooking machines to changing air filters on a regular basis, our Mergen Construction Airport Services maintenance team will also be close by to handle any non-scheduled tasks quickly and efficiently, such as plumbing clogs or an ice machine that has stopped working.

Another side of the Mergen Construction Airport Services airport restaurant maintenance plan is that we ensure your eatery is always compliant with sanitation regulations and up to code when it comes to safety. In short, we want to be a partner you can rely on to keep your LAX restaurant operating smoothly and safely for years to come.

To discover how Mergen Construction Airport Services airport maintenance can help your restaurant, simply contact us at 323-481-0240 and we’ll show you how we can streamline your operations.


Our airport maintenance services are available for restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses at LAX Airport.


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