Airport Retail Maintenance

Keeping your retail store in perfect working order and pristine condition.

Airport Retail Maintenance

As you may have noticed, dealing with everyday maintenance at your airport shop can be much more difficult than a traditional retail store. That’s because you have very limited storage space at LAX and even the simplest of tasks, such as changing a light bulb or fixing a broken shelf, can turn into an annoying ordeal, Fortunately, Mergen Construction Airport Services has a better way.

We offer LAX retail shops a professional solution to all their maintenance needs. Because we handle the needs of several retailers in the airport, we’re able to keep all necessary supplies and equipment on location to make maintenance that much easier. Whether you need us for HVAC service, handyman repairs, or even changing a light bulb, Mergen Construction Airport Services will be there to get your problem solved.

In addition, airport retail maintenance by Mergen Construction Airport Services is extremely cost-effective. For a small monthly fee, we’ll be able to respond quickly, saving you not only the trouble of fixing it yourself, but also the lost income from downtime. Your employees will be better able to serve your customers and you’ll avoid any extended closing hours needed for repairs.

Our airport retail maintenance at LAX is the perfect answer for troublesome maintenance and repair work. Give Mergen Construction Airport Services a call at 323-481-0240 to learn more.


Our airport maintenance services are available for restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses at LAX Airport.


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